The Woodpecker Railway

The Woodpecker Railway - Live Steam 16mm to 1 foot (7062577) gauge track - Dickon Armstrong November 2015 Milestones MuseumThe Woodpecker Railway is run by layout owner Dickon Armstrong, David Clark and Alan Armstrong.  It is a fictional rural model railway that changes in form each time it is exhibited depending on space available.  The locomotives are Live Steam or battery powered, operated by remote control.  The steam engines run on gas or coal and are delightful creations. Indeed I would love to own one myself!  Live steam provides a whole new dimension and level of realism for a model railway. This railway is a 16mm to 1 foot gauge and runs on 0 gauge track.  It is here pictured attending the Milestones Museum’s 15th anniversary event. The operators are very friendly and were only too happy to chat with members of the public.

Also of note is that Dickon is a talented artist who has a website that is well worth checking out –

Thanks for reading!


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