‘A high entertainment standard’ – films from our archive at the 2015 Aesthetica Short Film Festival

I have long been interested in the Big Fours films after seeing them on YouTube and its really fascinating to see behind the scenes.

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This post was written by Tim Procter and Angelique Bonamy of our Collections and Research Team.

We are dealing with a type of film that is in every respect far removed from the ‘feature’ film production of the Elstrees, Denhams and Hollywoods of this world.

So wrote William Brudenell of the London Midland & Scottish Railway’s Film Services in the company magazine in November 1936, hardly geeing the staff up for a thrilling cinematic experience. But he was perhaps being deliberately modest, as the film unit was still only two years old.

From the November 1936 edition of the LMS Magazine From the November 1936 edition of the LMS Magazine

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