00 scale 007 on its way…

Eastleigh - April 2014 - Class 07 - 07007In the past we’ve been somewhat lax in our coverage of models of diesel locomotives here on locoyard.  But after reading a post on Graham Muz’ blog today I thought it might be time to change!  Graham reported today that Heljan have announced that they plan to produce a model of the class 07, a type that was brought in to replace the USA Dock tanks in Southampton.  For many people the class 07 may seem quite obscure, especially as only 14 were built, but for me they are a familiar sight.  I regularly see examples (07007 in particular) shunting in Eastleigh works whilst the restoration of CanPac carries on inside.  From a very geeky point of view, how wonderful is number 07007?  From the way those things rattle, they are certainly shaken but not stirred!  So this may well be a model that I will have to get, presuming that I ever finish the layout!

To read Graham’s excellent article about the class and details of the announcement, please click here.