Flying Scotsman Moves!

In the past day or two, the Flying Scotsman has made it to national and international news after making its first test run since completion of its overhaul on the East Lancashire Railway.  In doing so, it has shown that there is plenty of substance behind its claim to being the world’s most famous steam locomotive.  The Flying Scotsman’s ten year £4.2 million overhaul is finally complete and now it can do what it does best – wow and inspire the public and draw in the crowds to heritage railways around the world.

There have been many videos shared across the internet of some of the Flying Scotsman’s first runs and here are two to enjoy.  The clip above shows a test run filmed 8/1/16 by Daniel Tackley“Flying Scotsman test runs on the East Lancashire Railway.  11:25 run from Bury Bolton Street to Heywood on 8th January 2016.”

The video below shows some of the Flying Scotsman’s first outings hauling passengers since its overhaul, filmed today (9/1/16) by 981smithy.  “We first see 60103 heading North past Burrs Country Park and then passing Irwell Vale en-route to Rawtenstall. The return run for Flying Scotsman is captured again at Irwell Vale and then finally climbing up passed Heap Bridge towards Heywood.”

Many thanks to both videographers for allowing us to show their video’s here.

The early test runs have been successful by all accounts – lets hope that it continues to run well!  Flying Scotsman is currently painted in wartime black, but will be finished in BR Brunswick Green later in 2016.  For more details of Scotsman’s return programme visit: flyingscotsman.

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