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12592381_1712082442393535_5040773559982145182_nA few weeks ago, I reported on a lost locomotive, Newstead, which had been rediscovered after restored by kept hidden within the Hertfordshire countryside.

12993600_1711969872404792_1892887232119019235_nLast week, her long awaited return to the limelight was complete, and she is now safely at the Nene Valley Railway, where the Small Loco Group will restore the locomotive back to her former glory. Their enthusiasm of restoring the small, but often forgotten, locomotives of the NVR has led to the cosmetic restoration of Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0ST No.1539 ‘Derek Crouch’, with sister to Newstead, Hunslet 0-6-0ST No.1953 ‘Jacks Green’, currently undergoing the same treatment. They are slowly overhauling Danish F Class 0-6-0T No.656 ‘Tinkerbell’, which is currently in pieces in the workshop.

12998497_1712007152401064_3969163923357093663_nHowever, this is all up to you, as first of all, the group needs to pay for the transport cost. For a bit of background, Calkeld Heavy Haulage Limited were on call for three days and had to cancel other work in order to ensure that Newstead was at her new home in time for the Industrial Locomotive event last weekend (23/04/2016-24/042016).

13082567_1713032615631851_4815215185322128132_nThe cost is £3360 in order to cover Calkeld’s invoice, which would like to be completed in a timely fashion. By giving whatever you can afford, you will be helping the group to pay this off so that they can start the task of restoring Newstead to full working order. If they are able to raise more than target amount, all extra monies will be placed into a ring fenced fund which will be used purely to restore the locomotive to her former glory.

13015431_1711763835758729_652824817706365575_nI have linked the Go Fund Me page at the top, along with a video of the history of the locomotive, including the hard days work of the move, all of which is courtesy of the Small Loco Group.

13000368_1711763842425395_912252528419369914_nIf you aren’t able to give any money directly, please share the campaign (including this article!) on social media and help to raise the much needed funds required by spreading the word.

13051635_1712030212398758_3105384960122507217_nThanks for Reading.

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