Inside a Bulleid Double Decker

Good evening,

My last post before my holiday to sunny spain will be something a bit special, during my visit to Sellindge last weekend I met the 4DD team who are currently working on restoring the Double Decker driving unit they have on site. I was kindly allowed permission to have a quick look and take a few photos inside the unit. Conceived by Oliver Bulleid for the Southern Railway’s commuter route from London Charing Cross to Dartford, the two 4DD electric multiple units were the only double-deck trains to run on the main line railway network in Britain. Whilst common in continental Europe and North America the restrictive railway loading gauge in the United Kingdom prohibits normal double-deck cars with two fully separated decks. The unit is a really interesting piece of history and I am very glad that a team has decided to get together to work with the owner of this unit to restore her.

For more information about the group you can view the groups website or join there Facebook group  which is regularly updated with photos and the latest news about the project.

2 thoughts on “Inside a Bulleid Double Decker

  1. Most unusual, glad they’re making an attempt to preserve this unusual unit. Pity no one has come up with another stab at double deckers in all the years since!


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