The Watercress Line’s Last Public Service Trains of the Season – Part 1

As with many other preserved line’s, last Sunday 4th November saw the last day of public service trains on the Watercress Line in  2012.  The upcoming month of December will see steam return to the line in the form of Santa Specials.  Fortunately Ropley was en-route to another destination that Mrs Locoyard and I were traveling too and so we (or I!) stopped to catch a glimpse of the last service trains of the season.

For a slightly different perspective to my usual photo locations; I crossed the footbridge onto platform 1.  I do not always go on this side as it is south facing, which isn’t as good for photographs when the sun is out, but as it was overcast on Sunday I ventured over.

Black 5 45379 was once again hauling services and stopped at Ropley to take on water, which gave an excellent opportunity to get a good look at the locomotive.

There’s nothing quite like getting close to a steam locomotive during winter months; there’s more steam than usual and you can feel the heat of the boiler.

An unfortunate side-effect of the extra steam was that I did not get a good shot of U class 31806 arriving from Medstead and Four Marks.  Luckily however, I caught the U class much later in the day, which will feature in a future blog post!

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