Hornby BR Standard 8P 71000 Duke of Gloucester Review

Locoyard Review - Hornby British Railways Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of GloucesterIt has been some time since we’ve reviewed a new Hornby product on locoyard.  This is mainly due to the production problems the firm have experienced, but also because the prototype’s have not been on the top of my personal wishlist.  This, I believe, is the first of the firm’s “design clever” models that I’ve looked at in any detail.  For those who have not heard of this term, it basically refers to a new method of production that Hornby have introduced, which uses good quality mouldings rather than separately fitted details to reduce production costs.  This has not gone without criticism in their “high spec” models, but in the case of this mid-lower range relatively cheap model it is a different matter… so here is the verdict!

Class: BR Standard 8P

Use: Express Passenger

Regions: Midland & Scottish.

Era: 1954-1962

Preserved examples:

Unique Member of class – 71000 Duke of Gloucester – The 71000 (Duke of Gloucester) Steam Locomotive Trust Limited

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (whistle, cylinder & smoke deflector)Manufacturer: Hornby

Model Reviewed: Hornby R3191 BR 4-6-2 Standard Class 8P Duke of Gloucester Special Edition

Motor: 3 pole Loco-drive

Power: Heavyweight

DCC options: 8 pin dcc ready/sound (click here for DCC Fitting guide)

Locoyard Review

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (cab)Detailing:


This model is a special edition version of a Railroad spec model and has etched nameplates (not fitted in these pictures), better smoke deflectors with handrails, livery improvements and cab spectacles.  You can appreciate the “design clever” principle, with moulded pipework, lamp irons and smokebox door being reasonably good with relief, especially when viewedfrom a distance.  The tender’s moulded handrail is not quite as good, but the remainder of handrails are separately fitted.  It has no cab details picked out, but in my opinion it is not a big deal in an enclosed cab, I expect the only time I’ll notice this lack of detail is whilst taking the above picture!  Moulded buffers can be cosmetically reasonable, but these were a bit chunky for my liking.  Although it is a very different standard to the 7MT, it is not a terribly detailed model, just not as refined.

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (cab roof)Outline/Looks:


71000 Duke of Gloucester is a big and impressive locomotive and this character has been conveyed very effectively.  The Caprotti valve gear uses plastic components, but they look good all the same.  The smokebox door dish is slightly too low, but otherwise I’m very happy with the look of this model.  Essentially the shape is very good, meaning it has great potential as a super-detailing project.

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (BR1E Tender)Finish/Decoration:


This is quite a generous score, all things considered!  Details have been picked out nicely in this special edition and the lining is good, as are the axle boxes.  Other good marks are picked up for the good font on the nameplate and the transfers are reasonable too.  But why such a pale shade of green?  Bachmann consistently paint their model’s in a deep Brunswick Green and Hornby have come close to that standard with the reviewed 7MT in 2012.  But this is not nearly as good and therefore the model drops a mark!

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (cab windows)Running Qualities:


This is a smooth, reliable and quiet model.  It is pretty much as good as the 7MT from my tests, although I say this with a little note of caution as there have been reports of problems with the valve gear locking.  I’ve had no such issues and I’m very impressed, it is a good solid runner.

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (profile & Caprotti valve gear)Relative Power:


The Duke of Gloucester was rated as 8P – which basically means it is powerful!  I’ve given this model 6-7 carriages on 2nd radius curves and it does not slip or have any problems.  I’m sure it could take more, especially if you have wider curves.  It’s a tough beast!

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (BR1E Tender coal)Specification:


Hornby really know how to complicate things for reviewers!  The model lacks the high level of detailing many of us look for in a modern model, it lacks sprung buffers, has some moulded handrails and smokebox door dart.  But, you can get it fitted with DCC sound!

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of Gloucester (top of boiler)Value:


This is a model of a big powerful express locomotive and it will perform like one on your layout.  The Railroad version is very cheap, this special edition a little more, but for a brand new model of a one-off prototype, this is very good value whichever spec version you get.  I remember seeing kit-built versions selling for around £300 and they were not DCC ready – you could literally buy four Hornby railroad version’s for that!  I would not usually compare kit-built models with ready-to-run, but this is a one-off prototype, something rarely seen in mainstream models.

Locoyard Review - Hornby BR Standard 8P class - 71000 Duke of GloucesterOverall Locoyardometer Score:4.4

Believe it or not, there’s a simple spreadsheet behind these reviews that works out the final score, so I was genuinely surprised given the doom and gloom surrounding Hornby of late, that this model so nearly got a five star rating.  If Hornby had painted it a darker green, it would be a five star model!  This model works well, it is big, powerful, characterful and has a presence that it shares with the real machine.  It is very good value for money, especially the Railroad version that retails for little more than a J94.  This is no 7MT, but it runs as well and is a lot cheaper.  It is an ideal basis for detailing too, so much so that I can predict a future project on the Locoyard horizon…

4 Star

Detailometer 3.5, Outlineometer 4.5, Finishometer 5, Motorometer 5, Powerometer 5, Specometer 3.5, Valueometer 5, Locoyardometer 4.4

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9 thoughts on “Hornby BR Standard 8P 71000 Duke of Gloucester Review

  1. my d o g derails its self on some curves , because the front bogey wheels contact the inside edge of the cylinders and force it of the rails .Has any one else had this problem.


    • Yes I have just purchase one and I have that it derail on left hand curved points, it’s fine on right i am talking to hornby about this problem I think the boggy wheels touch the body they seem to lock and false the train derail


  2. I’ve had problems with DoG derailing on code 75 curved turnout (large radius I think) via the front bogie. I hadn’t noticed contact with cylinders – will check. And did have problems with the fixed rear bogie (weird idea?) not returning to straight – may be needs a dead flat surface on whole layout..


    • Thanks for your comment and interesting to hear about the issues you have with the model. As this model was tested on flat code 100 track I can’t say if it shares the same troubles, but I gather that there is much variability between models. It may be worth seeing whether you can return the model under warranty, to see if a different model performs any better?


  3. Has anyone tried to fit couplings to the front end! If so don’t try coupling anything to it as the tension lock arm sits BEHIND the buffers causing buffer-locking!


    • I’m afraid I’m unable to check this as the layout is in storage at the moment. I would like to thank you for raising this here though, I’m sure other readers will appreciate learning of this.

      All the best,



    • Just bought the Heritage rail pack for £35 after trading in some old railway stuff, DOG looks ok and I am quite impressed with the new Hornby Mk 1 coaches. I am not going to pay Bachman’s prices for Mk1 coaches! I have had the T cut out already to return DOG back to its 1950/60s condition.


  4. Have the “detailed” model of DoG. excellent runner and powerful!. Pulls 14 Bachmann Mk1coaches including 12wheel kit build sleeper and full kitchen car, on the Club layout, No problem!! .


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