The Borders line is back

This is an interesting report on a very significant railway reopening!

National Railway Museum blog

On the day the Queen celebrated being our longest serving monarch she enjoyed a train ride. No ordinary train ride, but one that is a potent symbol of the rail renaissance that is happening now across Britain. The Borders railway re-opening to Tweedbank which happened on Sunday 6 September is, at more than 30 miles, the longest domestic railway to re-open in the UK for 100 years. It has cost £294 million and that cost includes 42 new bridges, 2km of entirely new formation and 10 km of new road (meaning there are no level crossings on the route).

The Borders line is back as a result of dogged persistence by the Campaign for Borders Rail and well-argued and well- presented professional reports that persuaded decision makers that if the line was re-opened it would be a major boost to the local economy.

Borders rail reconnects the Borders region of Scotland to…

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