Oliver Cromwell on the Dorset Coast Express


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Today I got to see Oliver Cromwell hauling this weeks Dorset Coast Express. She was due to haul next weeks service but with the FBU strikes the train has been cancelled.  This is the first time I have seen the Britannia class locomotive in person and she did not disappoint.


I was lucky today in that the sidings by the station were full of a wide mixture of traction so was able to take this shot which features Oliver Cromwell, a pair of  73s, a SWT class 444, a Colas 66 and a Colas 70.


Like last month with Black 5 ‘44932’ I had position myself on the Campbell Road bridge in Eastleigh which proved some great shots. I did spend the afternoon working on 35005 Canadian Pacific but there wont be a diary entry as there is not much to report.


Once she passed the bridge you could really hear the loco working hard and a lovely 2 cylinder sound track.




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  1. This was the last Britannia I saw in active BR service, on shed at Crewe, probably 1967 but can’t be sure. Looks a lot smarter now than it did then!


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